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Automatic Curling Iron Air Curler $39.99 $49.99
Description: Automatic Curling Iron Air Curler combines ceramic technology; maintains the natural moisture and shine of your hair. Tourmaline base with good moisturizing properties keeps hair moisturized and without any damaging for hair. Just pull some hairs into the curling head and it will just automatically do the work without your extra works. Choose the right button for the left hair and vice versa. And curling can be finished within 10s, therefore all of your hair can be curling within 10-15 mins. This roller with long-lasting effect at mild temperatures, with the automatic curling iron for curlers, curling has never been so easy but by using Automatic Curling Iron Air Curler it has become very easy. There need many hairstyles in our daily life, but we can‚Äôt pay much time to do it at our hair salon for a good look; it will hurt our hair a lot as well. Automatic Curling Iron Air Curler is for curling all kinds of waving hair for work, date, party, traveling, photography within 10-15 mins no matter how thick and how long your hair is; It can be last long a whole day. Make u the most charming girl around. Features: temperature:¬†220 ¬įC Power:¬†40W-59W Temperature Controller:¬†Knob temperature:¬†160 ¬įC Applicable hair:¬†Dry & wet Package includes: 1x Automatic Curling Iron Air Curler
Electric Stainless Steel Steamer from $39.99 $49.99
Description: Electric Stainless Steel 2/3 Layers Steamer is made of food-grade pp, and the bowls and dish plate are made of stainless steel, which is durable, environmentally friendly, and non- toxic, you could use with confidence. Stainless steel bowl plus plate provides a capacity of about 1.3L/ 44 Oz, can hold rice, soup, noddle, etc. In this Electric Stainless Steel 2/3 Layers Steamer, it includes one stainless steel bowl and dish plate, and they are removable, so it is convenient for you to clean. It also provides a bowl lid to prevent leakage of foods, but make sure to get it off when cooking or heating. Besides, a measuring cup is contained for your convenience to add water, and the sponge makes cleaning easier. Its waterproof design of the plug port can save it from being moist while not using; make sure to add water into the body, because with the anti-dry burning function, the machine will power off automatically when the water is running out. When it finishes cooking/ heating, it would be better to open the top cover after 10 minutes of the indicator light is off; do not use corrosive detergents to clean the product, otherwise, it will hurt the surface of the stainless steel bowl. Features: Power (W): 200w Capacity: 2L Heating Method: Three-dimensional Heating Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control Accessories: Steaming Basket Accessories: Measuring Cup Energy Label: Grade 2 External Dimensions: 425*313*272mm Application: 3-4 people Shape: Cylinder LCD: No Weight: <2kg Package includes: 1x Electric Stainless Steel 2/3 Layers Steamer
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Ergonomic Portable Laptop Desk $40.99 $60.99
Description: This laptop stand is extremely practical. It can be used as a lap desk while sitting, a standing desk for home and office, and a TV tray for snacking, a playing table, or a working desk in your car, and so on. This stand is ideal for all situations. These CPU fans are powered through USB ports to suck hot air from your laptop for active heat dissipation so it can effectively keep your laptop cool and functioning while working. No need to worry about your laptop overheating. This laptop stand is very easy to adjust. You just need to press the button on the side of the stand, set the angle and then release the button to a fixed position. The legs can be adjusted to various positions to fit your requirements. This adjustable laptop desk stand can not only be used as a laptop stand but it also works as a standing desk, tablet stand, lap desk which can be used on the bed or sofa. You only need to adjust the legs to various positions to meet your needs. Features: With Rollers: No Specific Use: Computer Desk General Use: Commercial Furniture Scene: office With Cabinet: No Material: Metal Metal Type: Aluminum Folded: Yes With Storage: Yes Style: Laptop Desk Pattern: pure Type: School Furniture With Keyboard Shelf: Yes Size: 420cm Package Includes: 1 X Ergonomic Portable Laptop Desk
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Halloween Projector $45.99 $55.99
Description: Halloween Projector is a dynamic project light that will bring you to a different light show. Includes 15 Pieces Replaceable Slides, such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Halloween Skeleton, Clown, Snowman, love, birthday cake, Fireworks, rabbit, etc. , which are ideal for interior and exterior walls, landscapes, dance floors, and more to create a beautiful atmosphere. It can meet different requirements Max 20 meters even can break the wall also can control. Also the remote could control the projection light in all aspects, not must be toward the projection image or LED screen. It’s very easy for you to select the projection mode, flash mode, and spinning speed. This Projector has a built-in timer- 2, 4, 6 hours optional. Built-in high quality led beads, light along with moving patterns create a unique display while you use. Range up to 30 feet. 10-20 feet is the best distance for brightness and visibility (in a dark environment). No more worry about raining or snowy weather. Suit for both outdoor and indoor use, widely applied at Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter Day, April Fool's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday, and more. Features: Item Type: Stage Lighting Effect Style: Mini Voltage: 90-240V Occasion: Home Entertainment Package includes: 1x Halloween Projector
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Portable Hydrogen Water Cup $49.99 $59.99
Description: Portable Hydrogen Water Cup is 400 ml/ 14 Oz Sports Bottle will give you the Best Hydration, Regen on your Body, reduce oxidative stress, and boost your metabolism. This can improve the function of Cell Regeneration, improving microcirculation, and enhance blood vessel elasticity. USB Rechargeable, Plug it into your computer, car, or home and produce your own Hydrogen Water. Portable Hydrogen Water Cup will simply reset your metabolism, helping prevent bad cholesterol and slowing down the aging process. It is a Novel Antioxidant to efficiently reduce oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial diseases. it helps improve sleep quality, fight off inflammation, and improves your skin’s health in a natural manner. Hydrate and improve your health. You can make Hydrogen Water anywhere 15 times before recharging, no need power connection. Hydrogen machine capacity is 400 ml/14 Oz High-quality glass. Portable Hydrogen Water Cup can produce high hydrogen concentration up to 800-1200ppb. Its water could regulate stomach, relieve constipation, and improve gastrointestinal function. Portable Hydrogen Water Cup makes water molecules much smaller, which will be absorbed by the cell membrane better and boost metabolism. It can improve the function of cell repair and regeneration Features: Use: Pitcher 5 Stage Filtration: No Installation: Table Type Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 0.1 Purifying Position: Terminal Purification Power (W): 5W Material: ABS Power supply way: USB cable + Battery Capacity: 500ml Hydrogen content: 800-1300PPB Package includes: 1x Portable Hydrogen Water Cup
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Silicone Kitchen Sink Filter $10.99 $20.99
Description: Silicone Sink Straining Stopper with 5 suction cups to hold the catcher in place on the tub floor. After put it in your tub or kitchen, press the 5 suction cups to remove the excess air. It will not move easily. Simply put the catcher on the tub/shower drain and press down on the suction cups for a secure hold, easy to catch hair but not prevent the water from draining. Made of TPR Rubber material - an environmental protection odorless material, safe to use, and endurable. Perfect use in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, fit most basins, drains, sinks, and slop sinks. The bottom suction cup design is effective in anti-skid and not easy to slide. The mesh is neat and dense, the size is moderate, and the residue is effectively filtered. Fits well in any kitchen or bathroom sink. Just press the center button to allow water to flow or use it as a hair catcher. Lift and dispose of the food residue or hair EASILY! Keeps the stinky air in the drain! With its ultra-sealing power, it ensures that no bad odor comes out from the drain. Features: Material: Silicone Drainer: Floor Drain Item name: Sink Drainer Feature: Kitchen sink drain Package Includes: 1 X Silicone Sink Straining Stopper:
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USB Mist Humidifier $29.99 $40.00
Description: USB Mist Humidifier uses the best ABS environmentally friendly materials, it is suitable for skin damage, any allergic skin. This use advanced nanotechnology, super penetrating power, super large spray, so that absorption is more complete and easier. The high-speed vibration frequency of 150,000 times per second makes the water spray with ultra-micro ions. Gives a perfect little face spa at your fingertips without damaging your makeup. USB Mist Humidifier is as small as a lipstick, so you can conveniently keep it in your purse for hydration throughout the day. The face sprayer is compact, while the capacity is not small. The ordinary water tank of this kind of product can fill only 4-6 ml with water generally. This USB Mist Humidifier with a large water tank can penetrate deep into the skin and vitalize the skin. Atomized particles are more delicate and easily absorbed by the buttocks. It cans moisture without smudging makeup. Please use natural mineral water and do not add pure water, distilled water, etc. If the water quality density is too high or too low, it will cause the sprayer to clump or clog. With a USB charging port, the facial spray is easy to be recharged by your computer or in the car and can charge your cell phone running out of battery for emergency use. Features: Power Source: Rechargeable Battery Type: mini Facial Mist Sprayer Package includes: 1x USB Mist Humidifier
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Waterproof Bicycle Phone Holder $24.99 $44.99
Description: You may want to place your smartphone in front of you and use the GPS app or other functions while going for riding. Our bike phone bags with high touch screen specially designed for phones would make it easy access for you. It is made of durable material with a splash-proof function, well-built stitching, and a strong sealed watertight zipper that almost disappears. This waterproof bicycle handlebar bag can protect your items from rain and water in rainy and extreme environments. A pretty great partner for long bike rides. Our cycling frame bag with a bigger compartment underneath the phone has lots of room to hold your keys, wallet, USB cable, power bank, gels, and other stuff. It helps for storage when needed extra space for long rides.   Adopts the latest 0.03 mm transparent TPU touch screen, high sensitive film window helps you operate phones freely and respond ultra-fast. You can get easy access to the GPS app or other functions of your phone. It is a perfect fit for iPhone XS 6/6s/7/8 plus, Samsung Galaxy s8 s7 s6 note7, Huawei P20 phones below 6.0 inches. More Humanization features make you enjoy your rides. Hidden Earphone Hole lets you go through the beautiful music world while riding. How to install: Fix the Velcro under the package on the frame Fix another bottom Velcro on the frame Fix the front straps of the cycling package across the bike hole. Package Includes: 1 X Waterproof Bicycle Phone Holder
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Waterproof Touch Control Earbuds $34.99 $54.99
Description: The most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, transmits lossless high-quality sound, ensures fast and seamless connection without audio delay, makes the music and calls smoother.    Latest Nano-coating technology was applied to form a protective film on the surface of the headphones so that the headphones can be soaked in water within a half-hour and can also prevent sweat from corroding internal chips. Instant connection once is taken out from the charging case; auto connects with the last paired device. Quick double-click the left multifunctional button for the previous song; quick double-click the right multifunctional button for the next song. The sound inside the Bluetooth headphones ensures that you won't miss any part or component of your music. Lossless HD sound quality with deep bass and crystal crisp treble, enjoy your music moment even in a loud environment. With the individual LED display on the case can help check the power of the wireless earbuds and charging case at any time. True Wireless Earbuds with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Higher stable Bluetooth connection with touch control, rid of cord, enjoy real wireless. Audio won't cut in and out anymore your music world will no longer be disturbed. Features: Vocalism Principle: Dynamic Control Button: Yes Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes Communication: True Wireless Volume Control: Yes Wireless Type: Bluetooth Bluetooth Version: 5.0 Waterproof: Yes With Microphone: Yes Charging Method: Charging case Communication distance: 10 meters (accessible open environment) Music playback time: About 4 hours (full power single use) Standby time: About 120 hours Single earphone battery capacity: 50mAh Charging box battery capacity: 2000mAhH Earbuds charging time: About 2 hours Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz Output current: 0.5A Operating Voltage: DC 5V Package Includes: 1 X Waterproof Touch Control Earbuds
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Wireless Meat Thermometer $54.99 $64.99
Description: Thanks to its patented unique technology, it controls the internal temperature, the cooking speed, and the heat strength, alerting if your meat is overcooking. Essential in every situation, it resists to extreme temperatures from 0 to 300 ¬įC / 32 to 572 ¬įF. Dual temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature (0 to 100 ‚ĄÉ /32‚ĄČ to 212 ‚ĄČ) and external stove/oven temperature (0 to 300 ¬įC / 32 to 572 ¬įF) simultaneously. Easy to use and self-explanatory, you can launch your favorite cooking mode with just a couple of clicks and simultaneously monitor the core temperature for your meat, fish, and poultry dishes. It walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results. You can also select from pre-programmed cooking options or define your own to set up custom alerts/notifications¬†based on temperature and/or time. ¬† Can estimate how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time. The remaining cooking time is automatically calculated so that you can spend the most time possible with your guests. Features: Material:¬†Metal Operation:¬†APP Controlled Power:¬†AAA UM4 1.5V PCT Patent:¬†YES Waterproof:¬†IP67 Food temperature range:¬†0~100‚ĄÉ Oven temperature range:¬†0~300‚ĄÉ Accuracy:¬†¬Ī1‚ĄÉ Transmission cycle:¬†4s Metal type:¬†Stainless steel Charging time:¬†5 Minutes Working time:¬†4 Hours Product size:¬†D6 x L126mm Package Includes: 1 X Wireless Meat Thermometer